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A tragic love story. a robbery attempt, and a powerful curse. What decisions will you make along the road? Will you let the darkness consume you, or will you be able to walk through the path of hope? Unravel the mind-blowing truth amongst the curtain of lies presented by this simple, yet meaningful game.

Install instructions

Step 1: Extract the game files (Don't bother with the checksum errors you might have).

Step 2: In order to prevent the game from crashing due to missing files, unzip this file


and place the www folder at the (IGMC) Nexus - Light in Darkness folder you've generated.

Step 3: Run Game.exe and enjoy! 

Regarding Emergency Fix : The built-in data encryption from RMMV failed with those files for unknown reasons. To allow you to actually play the game, I re-encrypted those files.  While they won't play the sounds and animation effects they were supposed to, at least this will prevent the game from crashing. 

If you wish to play the exact same game with its original, unencrypted files, get it from this link instead:



(IGMC) Nexus - Light in Darkness.rar 427 MB

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